The role of Venus in your life

Each planet has a different role and rules different aspects of our lives in Vedic Astrology.

The moon governs your emotions and inner world. Mercury rules communications, and Mars represents our base chakra and basic instincts, including sexual impulses. Venus is in charge when it comes to love, marriage and romance and rules the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. Astrologically, it shows us what we want from our partners so we can feel loved.  It also shows us how we like to spend our money and what we enjoy in terms of comfort, food and the arts. Ultimately, the position of Venus in your chart shows what you value, find beautiful, and take pleasure from as well as your sense of aesthetics.

Venus, a benefic planet, is  the brightest planet in the sky and visible throughout most of the year. The Romans named the planet Venus after their Goddess of love, beauty, and money.

The placement of Venus in different houses and signs gives different insights.   The house it is placed in shows the areas of life we seek to balance and take pleasure from. If Venus is placed in the 9th house in your birth chart, it means you will love to study and travel. Venus in the 4th  house indicates you will derive pleasure from looking after your home.

Venus isn’t always practical and shows us our ideal love and beauty. Venus wants us to enjoy excitement and romance – but as it doesn’t always distinguish between what we need and what we desire,  it doesn’t necessarily steer us towards what is workable in real life. Because Venus loves to be adored  and the centre of attention it may push us to pursue pleasures that are not sustainable.

As well as the house Venus is in, the sign in which it is placed and the other planets it connects with through aspects or conjunction also give insights into what Venus wants and what we love.

Venus in the different signs 

Venus in the competitive sign of Aries loves the chase in romance. Venus in Taurus wants to satisfy all five senses. Venus in Gemini loves to talk and connect. Venus in cancer is looking for trust, loyalty and security.  Venus in Leo makes for a true romantic and loves to cherish their partner. Virgo Venus loves to be thoughtful and serve. Libra Venus loves balance, style and likes things to look good!  Scorpio Venus likes mystery and an element of danger. Sagittarius Venus loves adventure, travel and laughter. Capricorn Venus thrives on power dynamics and role play. Aquarius Venus loves a rebel and free spirit. Venus is at its happiest in Pisces where it is deeply romantic, spiritual and mystical.

Ultimately, Venus is trying to show us that we  deserve love and enjoyment.   It is important however to balance Venus related issues with other considerations. When Venus is balanced with other planets, we can experience worldly enjoyment, that is sustainable whilst fulfilling other responsibilities and living our potential.

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