Calodagh offers a comprehensive introduction to Vedic Astrology through a series of webinars called: Learn the Language of the Stars. Each of the talks gives insights into different aspects of Vedic Astrology, the science of light, helping participants balance and optimise the strengths of the different planets in their lives. The sessions include:

  1. The fundamentals of Vedic Astrology: The Houses, Planets, Signs and Elements
  2. The Sun: The Sun and your identity, confidence, consciousness, ego, soul, life purpose, ambition, spiritual journey and relationship with father and authority.
  3. The Moon: The Moon and your mind, emotions, senses and feelings, and your relationship with your mother and other women.
  4. Mars: Mars and your ability to find happiness and fulfilment in life, and your creativity, vitality, physical energy, enthusiasm and originality - showing you how to transform your frustration and anger to achievement.
  5. Mercury: Mercury and your intellect, education, finances, communications, sense of humor, relationships with family, reputation, self control, central nervous system, finances and business.
  6. Jupiter: Jupiter the most auspicious planet and Guru - enhancing your wisdom, knowledge, growth, luck and spiritual journey. Also rules children and marriage.
  7. Venus: Venus and your love-life, sense of enjoyment, material and sensory pleasures, romantic relationships and ability to enjoy the luxuries of life.
  8. Saturn: Saturn and his role as the Chief Justice in the planetary cabinet and your life. Lord of time, karma, longevity, misery, sorrow, old age and death, discipline, restriction, delays, ambition, leadership, authority, humility, integrity and wisdom born of experience.
  9. Rahu and Ketu: The role of the North and South Nodes of the Moon and how they bring about illusion, delusion, confusion, change, disruption and transformation in our chart and lives They show attachment, liberation, isolation and our fears. As karmic indicators they show us where we need to work and represent the inner battle. Rahu exaggerates and Ketu blocks. In Vedic Astrology, they are believed to be the most powerful forces in the Zodiac because they can eclipse the Sun and Moon. They reveal the darker / shadow side of our nature that we have to overcome. And they bring difficulties. Understanding R&K in your chart gives clarity on the problems you are predisposed to.
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Each of the sessions will give an understanding of the planets as well as insights into how you can enhance the positives of each planet in your life. Charts can be given to participants in advance of the session so they can follow along.

Planetary Mantras and Movements
Every Sunday
8am - 9am
€20 monthly (4-5 classes per month)

The Planetary Mantra and Movements weekly class is on every Sunday from 8am to 9am (UK and Ireland time). The weekly programme is suitable for people new to mantra meditation and Vedic astrology as well as experienced enthusiasts. As part of the programme, you will receive updates about the key planetary transits with insights into how they affect you and the world. You will also receive your birth chart with a report highlighting the planetary periods you are going through so you can understand the planets that are most affecting you and plan accordingly. The weekly class will help recharge your batteries and prepare you to best navigate the week ahead. The cost to join the programme is €20 per month with 4 or 5 classes each month.

If you want your chart, please email your date, time and place of birth with your name to If you don't have the exact time, please share whatever details you know.

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