Peace and astrology

The online power thesaurus has 579 antonyms or words that are the ‘opposite of peace’ in it. This covers everything from war to conflict, agitation, pain and anger and over 570 different feelings.

As human beings, we can allow many things to disturb our peace. There are four key emotions – fear, happiness, sadness or anger. Anything that activates your sadness, anger or fear has the potential to disturb your peace.

Understanding the interplay of our planets and the signs and houses they occupy, gives us insights into how we can find peace and the barriers to attaining it in our lives. Peace is our natural state. Think of a baby, happy as long as they have love and connection and their physical needs are met.

As we grow and as our desires increase and as we accumulate baggage, things can become more complicated. Mars represents our base chakra and the placement of and influences on Mars in our chart gives key insights into what we allow disturb our peace on a daily basis. The moon rules the subconscious mind and our emotions. This is the garden of our mindset. When we plant thoughts of the 570 feelings that are opposite to peace, we strengthen what disturbs us.

When the moon is with the sun in a chart, it makes a person prone to depression. Those born on a full moon, when sun and moon are 180 degrees opposite one another, are highly sensitive. When the moon is alone and unsupported in the chart, a person is more prone to ups and downs in life.

At the recent Krishna Das (KD) Concert, KD spoke about how mantra meditation helps him alleviate the dark corners of his mind. Those dark corners come from the moon. The moon represents our mind, heart chakra, and emotions. An understanding of the influences on the moon gives insights into what prevents peace in these areas of our life.

An understanding of the placement of the sun in your chart shows your soul’s journey, purpose and what will bring fulfillment and self-realization in this life. The sun signifies what you aspire to be at the deepest level and the essence of who you truly are. Living according to what we value deepens our peace.

Our 5thhouse is our mind. Understanding the influences in and on the 5thhouse and Lord gives us major insights into what unsettles us mentally whilst showing us how we can change this. Similarly, influences on the 3rdhouse which represents our body and 4thour emotions and 7th our daily life and partnerships show us what potentially disturbs these areas and how we can overcome them.

Mercury is our Central Nervous system. Understanding the placement of mercury in your chart gives insights into what makes you anxious and points to solutions. An overactive mercury will keep you in your head and logical mind. The placement of Jupiter brings in our ethics.

From a physical view point, lack of exercise and self-care and certain foods will create agitation within the body. Alcohol, smoking, coffee and all addictive substances agitate your system. Dehydration will also affect your peace.

From the view point of the heart, love must flow both ways for us to experience peace.

From a spiritual viewpoint, desire is the greatest enemy and barrier to peace. Desire causes distractions of various sorts. The nature of our desires will be evident through the chart. As we work on ourselves and win over our desires, peace comes naturally.

We all have a mind, body, heart, and soul. To feel peace, they and our planets need to work in the best way and in balance. Our birth chart holds much wisdom for our growth and self-discovery.

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