Role of the planets in our daily life

Known as the eyes of the Vedas because of the powerful insights it gives into your past, present and future, Vedic Astrology is the study of the influence of the celestial bodies on our lives. Your chart is a map of your purpose and potential.

The sun represents your heart and shows you where and how to shine in life. It illuminates and describes your journey from ego to enlightenment. It is the most important heavenly body and is the source of light and life in the world and your character. It clarifies your strengths, purpose and gives willpower. A well-placed sun will make you a king (or queen) in your own world. It can bring fame and power in all areas including politically. A poor placement can make a person an enemy of the establishment or give arrogance.

The moon represents your mind and influences fertility, relationships and your overall emotional outlook. A well-placed moon, brings joy, enthusiasm and peace of mind while an afflicted moon brings tension, depression and a pessimistic attitude.

In the planetary cabinet, Mars is the commander in Chief of the army. Mars rules energy, force, destruction, disputes and war. A strong Mars will make you powerful, independent-minded, warrior-like and driven.

Mercury represents Wisdom. We learn knowledge from books and others but convert it to wisdom when we bring our own reflection and learn from life. A strong mercury will make you wealthy and wise.

Jupiter represents your logic. Jupiter gives the ability to reason and make balanced and fair decisions. A strong Jupiter will give you a powerful intellect, the ability to see what is really important, discernment and respect from others. It also brings wealth. Jupiter is the main influencer of children in our lives.

Venus gives power and sexual satisfaction. A strong Venus will give an aura of success and enjoyment of worldly pleasures. She is feminine and the brightest planet in the sky. Known as the goddess of love, marriage, beauty, music and dance and the Morning Star, she is easily recognized in the north early in the morning.

Saturn represents ethics and delivers our karma. Saturn is the slowest moving of the heavenly bodies used in Vedic Astrology spending 2. 5 years in a sign but always bringing decisive action and results. A well-placed Saturn influences the fortunate events in our lives and makes a person faithful, honest, hard-working and sincere. A malefic Saturn brings grief and pain. It is the greatest teacher and gives us what will ultimately move us to the next stage in our journey of life. Saturn has a powerful wisdom and delivers karmic justice and restores a rightful balance. A strong Saturn will make you a powerful public servant with a very systematic approach to life and living with an excellent work ethic.

Although they do not own any zodiac signs, Rahu and Ketu, the north and south nodes of the moon also have a profound influence on our spiritual and worldly journey. They are shadows and are responsible for the many unexpected twists and turns in our lives, a bit like the game of snakes and ladders.

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