Planets and Chakras

I am often asked about the connection between planets and chakras. And yes there is a powerful relationship at a fundamental and higher level. When we explore the chakras and planets without focusing on the physical body and our organs, they offer clear and powerful insights into the nature of the heavenly bodies.

The ancient sages originally understood the planets based on their experience of the seven major chakras of the psychic body. Through observation, they discovered how movements of the heavenly bodies influenced different areas of life and our psychic centres. They saw how the movements of the planets and their relative placements with one another gave greater creativity, vitality, lethargy, conflict or activity etc. They thus understood the qualities of the planets in terms of how they influenced everything from the human psyche to personal and worldly event’s.

Each planet has its own personality and characteristics.

Mars, relates to the root chakra. The key message is: I am. Mars gives us great drive and motivation when we are clearly grounded in our own reality and accept our past such that it is not holding us and we are fully living in the present. Equally, an agitated mars or base chakra easily gives rise to guilt, shame, fear, insecurity, frustration and anger.

Venus relates to the sacral chakra. The key message is: ‘I feel’. Venus is the planet of worldly pleasures. When other factors are balanced and Venus is good, we are free to enjoy all the pleasures of the world spontaneously without being attached to them. We are comfortable in our own skin.

The sun relates to our solar plexus. The key message is: ‘I do’. This is the battery of the body and when it is working correctly we have plenty of energy and vitality to do and live life according to who we are and the gifts we have. We feel confident, and optimistic and are able to digest life fully and act as we choose and be who we want to be in all situations without imbalances in ego.

Moon relates to our heart chakra. The moon is the significator for mother in Astrology. The key message is: ‘I love’. The moon nourishes and gives us the right flow and boundaries. When we are in balance in these terms, we achieve peace and bliss and can love and receive love wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

Mercury relates to communication and our expression. The key message is: ‘I speak’. When we can freely and honestly express who we are including our creativity, mercury is balanced and working well and so is our throat chakra.

Saturn relates to the third eye. When our Saturn is working well, we are able to think clearly and with great insights. The key message is: ‘I see’. Saturn helps us understand the consequences of our actions and the natural laws of karma, time and life.

Jupiter relates to the crown chakra. Jupiter blesses us with wisdom, expansion and generosity. The key message is: ‘I understand’. A good jupiter gives powerful understanding at all levels – from the practical to people to higher concepts.

These seven groupings of two seemingly simple words and a basic understanding of each chakra and planet offer tremendous wisdom for a happy, meaningful, fulfilled and joyful life.

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