Personal Consultation

Your personal astrology consultation

Are you at a crossroads in your life, looking for some clarity, inspiration, and direction? Would you like to receive some personalised guidance and insight to find out more about who you truly are and who you can be?

In a Personal Astrology Consultation, we look at your birth chart to help deepen your understanding of your life purpose, abilities, talents, behaviour, and how your strengths and weaknesses can propel you forward or hold you back from opportunities and fulfilling your potential.

Whether you have questions about personal matters, work, business, health, relationships, or another specific concern, this personal astrology session is deeply insightful and a powerful tool to gain more understanding of yourself, navigate challenges, realise your potential, and keep you moving forward in your life.


  • 60–90 minute session
  • Chart analysis (explanation and interpretation)
  • ‘Weather forecast’ of what to expect in the coming months
  • Gain more clarity, direction, and inspiration
  • Understand the potential of any period in your life
  • Feel happier and more at peace
  • Receive personalised advice and guidance
  • Gain new insights into how to create more rewarding outcomes in your life
  • Discover the power of good timing – in life, love, home, business, and relationships
  • After your consultation, I will send you a recording of the session and a copy of your birth chart.

For new clients and people who are looking for a deeper dive into their charts and lives, we recommend a premium consultation so there is ample time to explore all possibilities. For follow up or addressing specific issues, we recommend a standard consultation.

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