Personal Consultation

With a Personal Consultation, deepen your understanding of your life purpose, abilities, talents, psychological and behavioural tendencies, and how your strengths and weaknesses can propel you forward or hold you back from opportunities and fulfilling your potential.

Whether you have questions about personal matters, health or a specific concern, the consultation will help you identify and plan solutions to problems, and map out strategies, and actions that support you in realising your goals.

This foundation of self-understanding will help you move forward from a stagnant period, navigate challenges and optimise periods of growth and transformation.
New insights By better understanding yourself, you can see how your tendencies affect your life, work, health, relationships and gain insights into how to create more rewarding outcomes. Vedic astrology can help you understand the potential of any period in your life so that you can work out how to make the best of it. Timing
  • What is most beneficial to focus on at this time in your life?
  • Understand the potential of the current / next phase of your life. Is it a time for planting or harvesting, learning, experimenting, starting a business, changing career, seeking promotion, having children, getting engaged or married, taking care of your health, buying a home or re-evaluating where you are going / purpose etc? This will enable you to devise and achieve goals that bring lasting fulfillment.
  • Understanding the potential of a given period can help you shift your perspective and convert frustration about what you are not achieving into being satisfied with and growing what is possible
After your consultation, we will send you a recording of the session and a copy of your birth chart.

For new clients and people who are looking for a deeper dive into their charts and lives, we recommend a premium consultation so there is ample time to explore all possibilities. For follow up or addressing specific issues, we recommend a standard consultation.

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