Astrology mentoring

Would you like to receive ongoing astrology mentorship and insight to support your growth and keep you moving forward in your life?

With my Astrology Mentoring service, receive ongoing support and incredible insight in regular astrology sessions that go deeper to help you to overcome challenges, move forward and transform your life.

Astrology is a powerful tool that gives us insight and knowledge of ourselves. The wisdom Vedic astrology offers is ideal for helping you move forward and fulfil your potential on an ongoing basis. You face new situations and challenges as you grow, and with a better understanding of your own planets and the transits, I will help you work out a strategy that is best suited to you and your life.

Uncover and explore areas, talents, motivations, and potential that you never knew you had. Astrology mentorship allows you to further explore these areas and grow into the person you want to be, living a life you love!

Why work with me

I’m a qualified life and wellbeing coach with over 15 years study and practice in astrology. Over the years, I have supported and mentored many clients to follow their path, navigate challenges and unlock their potential using my deep knowledge of astrology. But also delivering the message in a way that supports and nurtures you to be your best.

My background working for 14 years in crisis management offers me deep insight into the stresses involved in handling life – both personally and professionally. I have seen a lot of life and have extensive experience in managing large teams, resources, and budgets in complex situations – all while trying to achieve a work life balance for myself.

Sometimes all it takes is an independent ear to listen to your worries and concerns. I provide that and much more, in absolute confidence.


My mentoring sessions are bespoke and can be arranged to suit your needs and circumstances.

  • 60-90 minute sessions scheduled regularly at a time that suits you
  • Sessions take place online, by phone or in person
  • Ongoing support to help you navigate transitions in your life
  • Find a healthy work-life balance
  • Get a new venture off the ground
  • Overcome challenges in relationships
  • Change your life or career
  • Be happier and live a life you love
  • Recommendations and solutions, personalised for you
  • Create a plan to meet your needs and goals
  • Receive a recording of your sessions and an electronic copy of your birth chart.
  • We will start with a 30-minute consultation to discuss what you hope to gain by working with me. Get in touch to book your astrology mentoring strategy session today and take the first steps to moving forward in your life with clarity, direction, and more fulfilment!

  • Get in touch to book your strategy session today

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