I love working with my astrology clients. Nothing else enables such a deep dive into areas of importance in your life where the skills I offer can be of most value and support to you when you need it.

The wisdom Vedic astrology offers is ideally suited to helping you fulfil your potential on an ongoing basis. Astrology gives us insights about ourselves. It shows us what is going on in our life (internally, externally and consciously and subconsciously) and also what is going on in the world at any given time. I offer ongoing mentoring giving you valuable insights, information and support that will enable you to transform your life for the better. You face new situations and challenges as you grow, and with a better understanding of your own planets and the transits, I will help you work out a strategy that is best suited to you and your circumstances. By taking action on the knowledge and insights gained through ongoing support, you can uncover and explore areas, talents, motivations and potential that you had not been aware of. Ongoing mentoring allows you to further explore these areas and grow into the person you want to be, living the life you want to live.

My background working for 14 years in crisis management offers me a deep insight into the stresses involved in handling life – both personally and professionally. I have seen a lot of life and have extensive experience in managing large teams, resources and budgets in complex situations – all while trying to achieve a work life balance for myself.

Sometimes all it takes is an independent ear to listen to your worries and concerns. I provide that and much more … all under the strictest of confidence.

Our mentoring solutions are bespoke. Whether you require ongoing support to achieve a healthy work-life balance, get a new venture off the ground, overcome adverse challenges you are facing in relationships, or want to do a full overhaul of your life or career, together we will devise a plan to meet your needs and goals. We can help you navigate any transition in life. Calodagh has extensive experience in supporting people move from very difficult and complicated situations that at times seem hopeless and supporting them as they transform their life to one that meets their unique needs and brings joy.

You will receive timely support on an ongoing basis. The service depends on the nature of the assistance you require, so I request that each of my clients has an initial 30-minute consultation to assess requirements, suitability, and strategy. Get in touch to book your strategy session today.

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