Couples Consultation

Couples astrology consultation

Are you looking to settle down with someone and curious about your compatibility? For those in a committed relationship, would you like to learn how to better support and encourage each other, so that you can flourish together?

In a Couples Astrology Consultation, I look at your birth charts to help you and your partner identify and understand your life patterns, tendencies, talents, and potential. Gain insight into where you may irritate or hold each other back, and how you can support each other’s growth, and realise your potential as individuals and as a couple.


A couples Vedic astrology consultation with me includes a short individual reading for both partners and a joint reading.

  • 120 minute session
  • Chart analysis (explanation and interpretation)
  • ‘Weather forecast’ of what to expect in the coming months
  • Receive personalised advice and guidance
  • Learn how to nourish each other and grow together
  • Create more understanding between each other
  • Minimise and stop problems from escalating in your relationship
  • Discover the power of good timing – when is the best time for you to get married / move in together?
  • Discover where and how can you help each other most effectively
  • Understand the potential of the current and next phase of your life together
  • After your consultation, we will send you a recording of the session and a copy of your birth charts.

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