Why book an astrology consultation?

Do you ever wonder what else is possible for you and your life? Are you at a crossroads in your life and not sure to go this way or that? 

An astrology consultation can help you:

  • Understand yourself better
  • Become more self-aware
  • Discover your natural strengths
  • Improve your relationships
  • Gain direction in your life
  • Guide you through life changes and transitions
  • Make decisions and discover the power of good timing
  • Feel more positive and optimistic about the future.

What we discover together has the potential to bring you more peace, happiness, success, fulfilment and a greater understanding of you and your future.

What to expect

Your consultation focuses on whatever you wish including your life path, health, relationships, home, business, and financial matters. During your consultation, I will gently take you on a journey to reveal the deeper and higher aspects of your path in life, bringing you more insight, clarity, and inspiration.


  • 60-90 minute sessions
  • Online astrology consultations available, or by phone/in person, at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Chart analysis (explanation and interpretation)
  • ‘Weather forecast’ of what to expect in the coming months
  • Recommendations and solutions, personalised for you
  • Receive a recording of your session and an electronic copy of your birth chart.

Choose your consultation

Find out what type of astrology consultation fits your needs best, and book now.


Are you at a crossroads in your life, looking for some clarity, inspiration, and direction? Receive personalised guidance and insight to find out more about who you truly are and who you can be.


Are you thinking of settling down with someone and curious about your compatibility? Learn how to better support and encourage each other, so that you can flourish together.

Business / Executive

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur or executive looking to gain an edge in your professional life? Receive on-point advice and individual guidance based on your birth chart to illuminate your power and potential at work.


Would you like to receive ongoing astrology guidance and insight to support your growth and keep you moving forward in your life? Receive ongoing support and incredible insight with astrology sessions and astrology mentorship.